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Condensation Control


If you have a condensation problem in your home you have come to the right place

John Barron B.Tech. Dip. M., set up JB Condensation Control in 1990 specialising in condensation control.  Since that time he has helped hundreds of people in the UK and overseas control their condensation problems.

Condensation, which causes streaming windows, mould on walls and clothing, and musty smells, is generally a feature of inadequately ventilated and poorly heated homes.  In recent years, as dwellings have become more airtight, the problem has become worse.

Dust mites, which have been linked to asthma and rhinitis, also thrive in damp conditions.  Radon gas is also more likely to be a problem in inadequately ventilated homes.



The JB Condensation Control range is the answer to your condensation problem.  There are two units: the CCU-H3 for dwellings with a loft and the CCU-F3 for dwellings without a loft.  They are easy to install and maintain, and economical to run.  At the same time the quality of the air in your dwelling will be improved.

The units work by introducing a measured amount of air into the dwelling at a slight pressure which forces out moisture laden air through gaps and pores in the fabric of the property - no dwelling is perfectly airtight. This creates orderly air changes without making the dwelling cold and reduces the moisture level in the air which will restrict mould growth.  This type of ventilation is generally referred to as positive input ventilation.

The incoming air is filtered to remove dust and even most pollen grains - a bonus for the hay fever sufferer.  Usually the filter needs only to be changed on an annual basis.

The JB Condensation Control units are effective, reliable and exceptionally quiet.  They cost less than an energy saving light bulb to run and require no day to day maintenance.  Install them and forget them!

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